Puppy Love ...


Here's some pictures of our puppies in their new homes.
It's always a joy for us to see how happy and loved they are!!
We'd like to thank all of our families for providing such
committed love and caring to our puppies and for keeping
in touch with us to let us know how the pups are doing. 


Okay, it's a big ocean, but they say salt water helps you float ... but I know I can do this!!!

Okay, here goes ... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!!

Wooohoooo did you see that Mom?  Wasn't I brave?  Will you send the picture to Karen so she can see me swim in the ocean!!!!!!

   "It's no joke Mom, this frog talks to me every time you leave the room!  Honest!!"

"Flower?  What flower?  I didn't see any flower... don't look at me like that!  I didn't do anything!!
(Ginger's boy enjoying some flowers and lettuce!)



This is Socrates and it looks like he's found a special person to bond with !!!!

This is Matthew with his new friend Travis.  Matthew picked
up his new friend.  This picture is taken a couple of days after they got home -- buddies already!!

This is Lisa with her mom and dad and her new puppy!  Lisa's puppy is the sister to Matthew's boy Travis.


Lisa's puppy looks like she knows how to pose for the camera very well!!!  Doesn't get much sweeter ....

This is Sophie and her Corgi friend in Washington. 
They are "roommates and get along well !!

The look of love -- does it get any better than this? 
We don't think so .....  and Hunter looks like he agrees!

Hunter enjoys spring in Virginia!

Hunter's Mom and Dad look happy too!

Jazz and Tucker sharing fun moments.  Jazz welcomed
Tucker into her home without much Ado.  Their mom
Lynn is thrilled with how well the two get along!!

Hey, can I have your bone pal????

This is the announcement Andy's parents made for him!

This is Rebelcreek's Golden Boy Floyd -- "Bond".  He is 9 months
old here.  Bond is out of Hannah and Henley.  Floyd's
show career is off and flying!  Way to go Bond!!!!!

Another picture of Bond winning Best of Winners!

Here is Bond showing off his stuff during his leisure time!

This is Hannah learning to be a sailor with her "sister"

Shelby and Annie, in love!!

Josh lives in Chicago.  He sure looks like a proud boy!



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