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Overview of Rebelcreek Golden Retrievers
(who we are)

Contacting Rebelcreek About Golden Retrievers

(phone, email, snailmail info to help you find out about Rebelcreek Golden Retriever Puppies


About Our Golden Retrievers ...

 Our Gallery of Golden Retrievers
(pictures and profiles)

Letters of Reference


Our Golden Retriever Puppies, Available Puppies and Adults...

Current & Upcoming Golden Retriever Litters

(find out about available golden retriever puppies and what golden retriever litters are coming soon)

About our  Golden Retriever Puppies
(pictures and information about us as breeders
and Rebelcreek's Golden Retriever pups)

Pictures of Some of Our Puppies In Their New Homes

Adopting a Rebelcreek Golden Retriever Puppy ...

How To Adopt a Rebelcreek Golden Retriever

(information about how to proceed once you've decided you are interested in obtaining a Rebelcreek Golden Retriever!)


Puppy Questionnaire

(Questions we need you to answer before we can consider placing a Golden Retriever puppy with you)


Application Agreement

(our terms and conditions for accepting you
application/reservation for a Golden Retriever Puppy)



New Puppy Information,
Sales Agreement/Guarantee and Shipping Information

Your New Golden Retriever Puppy

(information from us as breeders on Golden Retriever puppies for perspective buyers and new owners)
Golden Retriever Puppy Sales Agreement
and Guarantee

(find out what we expect as breeders and what you, the buyer,
gets when you purchase a Rebelcreek Golden Retriever!)

Shipping Golden Retriever Puppies Worldwide

(Golden Retrievers travel well.  Find out how it works, what it costs

History and Breed Standard Information

History of the Golden Retriever
(Find out where the Golden Retriever came from)

Overview of the Golden Retriever Breed Standard

(An unofficial interpretation of what Golden Retrievers should look like!)

Books We Recommend



Other Interesting Golden Retriever Links

The Companion Animal - Mews

(an informative website featuring companion animals)

Canadian Kennel Club (C.K.C.)

(Where your new Golden Retriever's Certificate of Registration comes
from and where all reputable Golden Retriever breeders are members)

American Kennel Club (A.K.C.)

(the American equivalent to the CKC)

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