Letters of Reference ...



We started this "Letters of Reference" page on April 6, 1999.  As more letters come in
we will add to it.  Please do not hesitate to ask us for references which you can
contact, we will gladly provide these references to you.


Dr. Bosak is a veterinarian that has known us for many years.  We first met Dr. Bosak when she
was a high school student working part time at a vet clinic.  Since then we have seen Dr. Bosak
accepted into the University of Guelph where she successfully completed studies and became
a veterinarian.  Her gentle and thorough manner with animals has always impressed us and we
are honoured to have a letter of reference from her.

Hi, I'm Tucker and this big girl beside me is Jazz.  We get along so well !!
My Mom Lynn is so happy with me she wrote this letter for Karen ....

Hi, I'm Jackson.  I'm 5-1/2 months old in this picture and my
mom and dad wrote this letter about Karen!!!

Hi, I'm Murphy, and my mom wrote this nice letter about Karen!!

Hi, I'm Maggie.  I'm grown up now but Karen loves this puppy picture of me!
My family loves me so much and they wrote this letter for Karen!!

Hi, I'm Bogie and I'm a girl of action!!  My "sister" Ashley and I are always together and we have a lot of fun together.  Of course it helps that we live in this wee spot of God's country!!!



Hi Karen,

We love Bogie so much and she has brought such joy to us (and herself).  She loves chasing and treeing squirrels and always has a smile.  With spring upcoming, we were once again considering another golden.  Do you have any female available from upcoming litters?


Kevin, Wendy, and Ashley
Seeley Lake, MT

Hi!  I'm Casper.  I'm a big boy now but here's a picture
of me as a pup having fun with Erik!  My dad wrote this
email for Karen!


Dear Karen -

I have been meaning to write you for several months but just never seemed to find the time.  To explain, I spend all my free time with the wonderful gift you helped our family receive - Rebelcreek's Great Caesar's Ghost - otherwise known as Casper.

Our first Golden, Jake, joined our family in 1989.  We lost him last summer and were devastated.  After several months, my wife Cathi began research for a new puppy and discovered Rebelcreek.  After numerous communications with you and several owners, she came to me with a package of information and letters and said, "We need to bring a new family member home."

After months of anticipation, we received Casper in May, 1999.  I can't describe the joy he has brought to our family and how proud we are of him and of being a part of the Rebelcreek extended family.

To any prospective Golden family considering Rebelcreek - You can't do any better than Karen for a breeder and her Golden puppies for a new family member. While we waited for Casper's birth, you responded to Cathi's numerous messages promptly, with enduring humor and useful information.  After he was born, your weekly updates made us feel we were right there watching him.  After we finally received him, you have helped us repeatedly with all our questions, and have been great just to send a message to let you know Casper's latest little antic.  You might as well have been our next-door neighbor and you made us feel like we were the only people you had to work with.  And Casper?  Well, to say he's the most beautiful, well-behaved and loving Golden in the world is mere understatement!  Everyone who sees him stops and stares, then asks where did we ever find such a gorgeous Golden?  Other dogs "hang their heads in shame" when they see Casper (just kidding! He's great with other dogs, but he prefers people).  And Casper has been very sensitive and gentle with Erik since the first day he came home (our son Erik is disabled).

Would we want another Golden puppy from Rebelcreek?  You bet!!  In fact, Cathi came to me again last weekend with another package and now we are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Rebelcreek's Ghost of a Chance - Wendy to her friends.

Thank you Karen, for the wonderfulness of Casper and Wendy-to-be, and for  your tremendous support and hard work.

Warmest regards,


Hi, I'm just a little gaffer in this photo!  My name is Jake and this is
my new sister Savannah.  She lived here already and she is
helping me get settled in.  She's a nice sister!! 
Here's an email my Mom sent to Karen!




Here's a couple of shots of Jake.  He is such a fun puppy.  He's totally headstrong and playful.  He's not afraid of anything but he loves to be coddled and have his belly rubbed.  I'm so in love with this little guy and I cannot believe how stunningly beautiful he is.

Our vet's exact word's were "He's exceptional. I knew he came from a good breeder the minute I took a look at him. And I love to see this kind of paperwork".

Shari (Dixon)




Just wanted to write this letter of reference. Feel free to put it on your website... When I began thinking about adding a golden to my family, I talked to my vet, and she said well they are hard to come by because of over breeding and inter-breeding. So that's when I started my search on the internet.  I went to a search engine and typed in Golden Retrievers I click on one website but didn't see much so the next one I clicked on was Rebelcreek, what a blessing that was.  I put in my reservation for a golden puppy, asked Karen tons of questions, and got answers very quickly , sometimes within 10 minutes..

So in Dec of this past year I got the news that I had a puppy, I was so elated, I can't tell you.. In Feb of this year I got my Bailey Girl, and what a girl she is. I can't begin to tell people what wonderful breeders Karen and her family are.  This is the most beautiful puppy I have seen in a long time.. The minute I picked her up at the airport and saw that sweet face looking back at me I knew I had a very special girl.. The breeding was wonderful she is a sweet girl, good temperament, very playful, and full of energy.. My vet was so impressed with the breeding and the look of this dog.. Her words were they sure know what they are doing when they breed those dogs.

So to anyone who is considering Rebelcreek, let me tell you , you couldn't pick a better breeder. Any question you have will be answered and everything on the flight of my puppy  was taken care of by Karen and her family.. Everything went very smoothly, and the transition from their home to mine has been very easy...

Thank you Karen so much. I would recommend Rebelcreek to anyone..  Thanks again!

Sharlene Brown

P.S. I have been going to write this letter sooner
but I have been busy puppy training....




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