Choosing a Veterinarian for your New
Golden Retriever puppy
Some Sickness Symptoms To Watch For In
Golden Retriever puppies ...



Choosing a vet is one of the most important things you will do for your new Golden Retriever puppies.  Your new golden retriever puppy will need to see the veterinarian you choose for:

  • their first examination
  • spaying/neutering
  • annual vaccinations/checkup
  • when sick or injured

injureddog.gifWhen choosing a veterinarian for your new golden retriever puppy, consider proximity to your home.  Most city and suburban homes are central to a number of veterinarian clinics.  It is best to chose one that is relatively close to home in order to enable you easily access your veterinarian in case of an emergency with your new golden retriever puppy.  Close proximity will also make it easier for you to make and keep appointments for your golden retriever.

You may wish to ask friends or neighbours whose opinions you respect, which veterinarian they use and if they are happy with the service/care they receive.

Before you get your new Golden Retriever puppy home, make an appointment with a veterinarian you are considering and let them know you are getting a new golden retriever puppy and are looking for a veterinarian.  Make sure you are satisfied with the courtesy or the veterinarian and his staff.  Ask questions, take a look around.  Are your questions being answered enthusiastically?  Is the clinic clean and relatively odour free?  Do the staff seem interested?  Are you being treated as you would like?  Does this look comfortable for you?  For your new Golden Retriever puppy?  Your instinctive feelings should guide you.  Is this a place you will feel comfortable coming to when your golden retriever is sick or injured?

We list here a chart of symptoms, what is somewhat "normal" and what is cause for concern for reference with your new golden retriever puppy.  This is to be used as a general guideline only.  If you are concerned about your golden retriever, see your vet.  If you are unsure, see you vet.

Symptom                "Relatively Normal"                           Cause for Concern

Diarrhea                 occasional loose stool with                  ongoing for 24 hours or
                                normal intake of food and water          more, blood, foul odour,
                                water                                                       lack of appetite, lethargy
                                                                                                apparent abdominal pain
                                                                                                (any one symptom should
                                                                                                cause concern)

Vomitting                occasional bile or vomitting of             ongoing, particularly if
                                 grass                                                      associated with lethargy
                                                                                                 diarrhea or pain

Lack of                    occasional                                              ongoing, particularly if
Appetite                                                                                   associated with lethargy
                                                                                                  ongoing diarrhea or pain

Urination                  occasional accident                              frequent, particularly
                                                                                                  if straining is evident
                                                                                                  or if puppy continually
                                                                                                  tries to go but only
                                                                                                  small amounts are passed.
                                                                                                  Blood in urine.

Should your golden retriever puppy have any of the "cause for concern" symptoms, you should see your veterinarian as soon as possible.  Occasional lack of appettie, mild diarrhea, or occasional vomitting with your golden retriever is usually not serious.  However, next to your veterinarian, you are the best judge of your golden retrievers health .  If you feel concerned about your golden retriever then see your veterinarian.  Any golden retriever which has diarrhea and/or vomitting which is leading to the golden retriever getting sicker very quickly, must be seen by your veterinarian immediately.  Golden Retriever puppies can get extremely sick, extremely quickly and immediate intervention is critical.

What if your golden retriever is showing lameness or is limping.  Cause of lameness/limping is very difficult to diagnose.  If your golden retriever appears lame or is limping your veterinarian is your best bet.  Only your vet can diagnose what is a mild injury and what is more severe.

Injured and sick golden retriever puppies/dogs can go into shock very quickly.  Shock is extremely dangerous to animals and humans alike.  Shock can be caused by dehydration, injury, poisoning, and many other causes.  If you suspect your golden retriever is in shock, keep them warm and comforted, give nothing by mouth and seek veterinarian assistance immediately.


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